6 Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Australia, one of the largest countries on Earth, has a surprisingly low population with 25,499,884 people according to recent 2020 data.

The semi-arid and massive desert plains of the country is a contributing factor to why Australia is one of the most lightly populated countries in the world having only a population density of 3.3 individuals per square kilometer. Likewise, the birthrate in Australia is also low, with an average of 12.56 births for every 1000 people. 

With the current birth rate in Australia, you can say that a baby being born is not as common as you would expect. It is therefore customary that pregnant women are being honored with a baby shower. During a baby shower, friends and relatives of the pregnant couple are expected to give them baby shower gifts in Australia.

So, if you’re invited to attend a baby shower, here are some practical items that you can give to the expectant mother. 

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6 Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Should Check!

1. Clothing and Layette

Caring for a newborn baby can be very demanding. You can help out a new mother by gifting her newborn baby with several sets of onesies. You do not have to purchase the fancy and expensive outfits since the baby will not notice them anyway.

Likewise, a baby can easily outgrow clothes because of their growth spurts that usually takes place during the first year. It is, therefore, more practical to purchase simple and budget-friendly clothing for the newborn. These extra sets of onesies will already be a great help to the couple since it will lessen their need to do laundry. 

2. Diapers

Diapers are an obvious necessity for newborns and are great gifts during baby showers. A newborn baby can use eight to ten diapers a day. However, you must be careful in choosing disposable baby diapers, especially if you are not familiar with the skin sensitivity of the baby. The baby may have very sensitive skin which can get irritated by diaper materials. 

3. Waterproof Pads

Another practical item to give as a baby shower presents is waterproof pads. These pads are laid down on surfaces and are used for changing diapers. What is practical about these waterproof pads is that they can easily be cleaned by washing them with running water. 

4. Bath Items

Bathing packages which include baby washcloths, hooded towels, baby sponges, baby wash, baby powder, and baby lotion are also great baby shower gifts.

If you are feeling generous, you can include a baby bathtub and creatively arrange and pack all the items inside the tub.

5. Grooming and First Aid Needs. 

Although you do not want to think about the baby becoming sick, it is also necessary for couples with a newborn baby to have baby grooming and first aid items.

You may present the expectant couple with items that they can use for grooming and first aid such as a digital thermometer, medicine droppers, and a nasal aspirator

6. Feeding Supplies

One of the main goals of a baby shower is to help the expectant mother raise her newborn by providing the necessary items she might need. Feeding bottles will be much appreciated when given as baby shower gifts in Australia. If you are planning to give feeding bottles, you should also include bottle nipples of different sizes. A baby will go through bottle nipples a lot, especially when the baby is teething. 

It is important to think more about the practicality and functionality of the present when planning to give it for a baby shower. 

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