6 Best Outdoor Games for Kids for a Healthy Growth

Are you one of those parents who keep searching about ways that help in the development of a child’s growth? Well, if you are, then there’s nothing wrong with it because every parent must know how to help their children grow in a fun and loving environment.

One of the best methods that assist a child’s physical and cognitive development is the games that he plays. If you want him to polish only cognitive skills, then it can be done indoors only. Still, if you are focusing on your child’s physical development too, then you must consider the outdoor environment.

Why is the outdoor environment so important?

The environment and surrounding area where your child grows is essential for him. It should be entertaining and informative enough for him to enjoy it to the fullest. When your kid goes out to play in the natural environment, he starts getting curious about things that he sees. This curiosity drives him to get answers and develop knowledge about the unknown. By playing games, he explores his inner self that helps to boost his experience too.

Also, outdoor spaces provide a massive area to a child to express themselves and play games such as running, kicking, jumping and throwing, etc. All these activities can be constrained inside the house. Therefore, fresh air and natural environment are essential for his health as he is exposed to the sun that provides Vitamin D to his body too. However, you should not restrict your child from playing outside because it limits their health and physical development.

We have listed some of the most amazing and interactive outdoor games that will grab the attention of your child, and they will find the utmost interest in it. Once your kid begins to play any of these games, he’ll eventually start to develop his physical and mental skills.

Outdoor games keep on varying according to your child’s age. As when your kid is a toddler, you only take him out to crawl on the grass or walk with his finger in your hand. As you continue to grow, you teach him to ride a bicycle, then he starts playing with balls and learns to engross in sports activities such as running, hopping, etc.

By the time he gets knowledge, he learns to play simple games like hide n seek, climbing a tree or play kick to kick, etc.


Once your child understands to follow instructions, you can explain to him about sports. They turn out to be of great help in creating a sense of competition in your child’s mind. Along with it, races provide an upper hand in the fitness and stability of your child. He learns to follow and understand instructions well.

You can also provide a reward at the end of the race to make it more appealing to the kid. Races such as a three-legged race, sack race or a crab walk race are of great interest to your child. 


Paintball is one of the most adventurous and fun games for you as well as your children. We bet that you won’t get bored playing it with your little ones. It can be played in huge spaces and natural areas. You get to experience the fun of trees, rocks, barriers, and ditches while playing this game. The ultimate reason is that it is one of the best outdoor games, which provides exposure to nature and you get to enjoy expanded land areas. You don’t require much Paintball equipments to start with and can be very fun for your children as well. 

3. Climbing trees

Climbing trees although it sounds like a foolish game but you all must have played it once in your childhood. It exposes your little one to the secrets of the tree life and boosts their interest and energy level too.

4. Painting and Drawing

If you want your child to develop some artistic skills, you can ask him to draw nature while sitting in the garden or paint the beauty that he is looking at. It would help them to learn about the colors of nature and excel in associating colors with reality.

5. Gardening

Gardening is not always a job. It can be converted into a game for teaching your child. You can set some rules and explain them to your kids to expose him to facts related to gardening and flowers. He will start to plant trees by himself, and it would develop a sense of responsibility and understanding of plantation in his mind.

6.  Sports Games (Throw ball, Volleyball, hockey, netball, basketball)

When it comes to sports, there is a never-ending list of games that are included in it. If you are planning a trip to the beach, then you can make teams and play volleyball and throw the ball there to enjoy your time. It is the ultimate fun and a great source of exercise too.

Games such as baseball, hockey, and others also help to create an understanding of teamwork because all such games can only be played with teams. Once a team is reliable, no source can break you apart.

 Your child, therefore, understands a famous quotation at this stage:

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Hence, outdoor games are although a kind of trouble for parents, but they must be allowed to the children for their physical and mental betterment. Daily activities boost their will power and interest in doing things, and it makes your child more focused.

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