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6 Annoying Things That Interfere With Your Sleep

Healthy sleep is an essential part of human well-being. If the person doesn’t sleep well, it contributes to tiredness, irritability, end even depression. There are a lot of factors that can make you stay awake at night. Check this list of six annoying things that interfere with your sleep to get rid of them.

sleeping tips


When your teeth hurt, falling asleep can be a quite challenging task. Moreover, a toothache can occur in the middle of the night and this can make you feel helpless. I order to save yourself from such an unpleasant occasion, you should regularly visit a dentist. You should understand
that only a dentist can recognise early signs of tooth decay or other oral issues. If toothache occurs suddenly and you don’t have an opportunity to make an appointment with the dentist right now, you can use OTC painkillers. Oil of cloves can also be used as a mouthwash and compress to ease the pain. However, you shouldn’t postpone the dental exam
since the pain usually manifests some serious condition.

Smartphone addiction

If you are fond of the web-surfing in bed before sleep, it may also contribute to insomnia. The main thing is that melatonin is not produced and you are also engaged in conversation on the internet that doesn’t let you fall asleep. That’s why it is recommended to avoid web-surfing at
least an hour before going to bed.

Flashing lights

All these little light bulbs on TV, chargers, and other technique can significantly interfere with sleep. The reality is that the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) depends on the lightning that surrounds you. If there is too much light, the melatonin release decreases and you got
insomnia. In order to reduce the negative effect of flashing lights, you can glue tiny pieces of paper on them. One more available option is to use a sleeping mask. However, it can be quite uncomfortable to sleep in it especially if you toss and turn in your bed all night. The most
appropriate solution is to pull out all appliances from the outlet.

Background noise

Annoying background noise can significantly disturb you and make you anxious. For example, traffic outside of your window or snoring of your partner can make you spend a whole night sleepless. In the case of loud neighbours or traffic, you can make soundproofing that will significantly reduce noise. However, it will not work with your snoring partner. In this case, you can use special earplugs that block most sounds.

Back pain

hip pain

Back pain tends to be one of the most common causes of poor sleep at night. There are a lot of factors that can cause painful sensations in the back. Improper posture, uncomfortable mattress, and various health issues can contribute to back pain and interfere with your sleep. Check your matrices and pillows. If they had lost their supportive properties, it is better to
replace them. You should also understand that chronic back pain can’t be neglected and requires treatment.


signs of stress and anxiety

Stress can spoil not only your sleep but your health as well. It can result in headaches, digestive issuers, fatigue, libido decrease, chest pain, etc. Moreover, constant stress can cause depression, eating disorders, and skin issues. If you feel stressed, having good sleep can become a dream.
Fortunately, stress can be eliminated with the help of various techniques. You can make an appointment with a psychologist, meditate, exercise, and keep positive. For example, yoga is a great way to cope with stress since it calms you down and boosts the endorphins (“feel-good”chemicals) production at the same time.

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