5 Ways to Reinvent Your Work from Home Makeup Routine

The pandemic has brought prolonged anxiety to many people, disrupting and changing regular habits. More makeup and skincare customers are altering their routines to nurture and achieve mindfulness. 

A makeup ritual can be great because it’s got a beginning, a middle, and an end. It gives a sense of structure, creates the feeling of being in control, and brings calmness to your mind. Your mind often relates it to finishing tasks. It can feel satisfying, stimulating, and indulgent. But, how can you incorporate a mindful makeup routine? To find out, read this article.

Mindful Consumption in Makeup

The past few years have been challenging for most consumers. During this time, people turned to natural, traditional products that have a soothing, nurturing impact on the skin, body, and spirit. The birth of the mindful beauty movement is a reaction to the demand for solitude and self-care. Morning, evening, and weekend beauty routines can relax your thoughts, cleanse your skin, and provide time for yourself.

The need for self-care is undeniable, creating a new opportunity for both shops and cosmetics companies. Naturally, manufacturers may capitalize on this trend by incorporating traditional, therapeutic components into their latest goods. At the same time, physical retail shops can create immersive brand experiences that engage all the senses.

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Work from Home Makeup Routine


Natural beauty products are just one aspect of slow living or mindful consumption. Here are five other effective practices that promote great skin and reinvent your “usual” makeup routine.

Be aware

Skincare is a sensory adventure. You’re caressing your skin, smelling the cosmetics, and examining the overall product. As you do this, slow down and concentrate on each item you use. Because mindfulness is all about being aware, it couples well with a regular skincare routine.

Consider how each cosmetic appears as you apply it, and breathe deeply and slowly. Look at its texture, color, and consistency. Then, focus on the scent and how it makes you feel.


Makeup may help you express your mood for the day. It’s intended to be enjoyable, expressive, and a simple way to try new things. Since there are multiple facets to your personality, ask yourself which “you” you want to present today. You may act timid or sensitive at specific moments, but you may also feel goofy or confident. 

When you’re nervous, you often lose touch with some aspects of yourself. Makeup can assist you in reuniting with yourself. It’s a terrific approach to bringing out who you want to be. Many individuals claim that wearing red lipstick makes them feel different. They put on a new face, which triggers a specific memory or emotion. So, take advantage of cosmetics to elevate your confidence. 

Slow it down

Instead of speeding through your routine, take your time. Let it be something you look forward to rather than something you do in a hurry. For example, you may want to use a Gua Sha with retinol or essential oils before applying makeup. This beauty tool revitalizes and enables serums and oils to penetrate completely into your skin. It also helps to reduce inflammation in your face and neck.

Keep an eye on your goals

When applying your eye makeup, think about your goals for the day. When you’re upset, irritated, or agitated, it’s easy to overthink, which is distracting and harmful. When you’re sad, you often search for items to support your feelings. Focusing on your goals as you put on makeup leaves you with a better mind. It aids in breaking the doom-mongering loop and gives you peace or a sense of order.

Appreciate yourself

Be conscious of what you think about yourself when you apply your lipstick. When you’re worried, your inner critic typically comes out to play. Pay attention to the words you use internally. For example, encourage yourself by repeating mantras or manifestations, like “I will have a good day because it’s my choice.”

Remember, cultivating a kinder attitude toward yourself can do wonders for your confidence. It’s the same technique that navy seals use to get through difficult situations. They say phrases like, “I’m on my way; I’m making it.” That mental discussion may help you stay motivated and continue going. You can also concentrate on a feature of your face that you like and appreciate.

Benefits of Reinventing Your Makeup Routine


According to studies, mindfulness in makeup or skincare routines may help mitigate eating disorders, insomnia, and age-related cognitive impairment. Mindfulness’ capacity to battle stress is perhaps one of its greatest advantages.

Including mindfulness makeup habits in your everyday routine may significantly impact your overall health. When you perform bits of mindfulness while applying makeup regularly, you’re altering your brain by creating a new neural route. As a result, when stressful situations arise, you’ll be better prepared to cope with them healthily.

Stay Calm and Put on Your Makeup

It’s one thing to develop a makeup ritual that satisfies your desire for security and control. But, having that routine at the same time each day provides structure and brings you a step closer to glowing skin

People have many unresolved emotional connections in their brains since the pandemic hasn’t completely ended. By including these routine modifications, you may further benefit your body and mind.

Author: Pia Rodriguez

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