Passion Project: 5 Tips for Pursuing the Career of Your Dreams

You deserve to have your dream career. You may need to overcome hurdles, unlock your creativity, and work hard for a long time before you get there, but it’s certainly not impossible. Add these five tips to your strategy, and you’ll have an easier time pursuing the career of your dreams: 

Create A Professional Space For Success

There’s something about creating a physical space where you can work on your dream career that makes it more tangible and within reach. If you’re in Australia, that could mean finding a Melbourne CBD office lease. In the US, it might mean working from home or booking a dedicated desk in a coworking space. Even digital nomads, who are always on the move, can turn libraries, coffee shops, serviced offices, or a corner of their Airbnb into a working space. 

Whether temporary or permanent, this dedicated space for pursuing your dream career (or business) marks the start of something extraordinary. 

Construct Your Own Path To Success

Setting out the path you need to take to achieve your dream career can help you feel like you’re on track. It’s also convenient as you can work towards each step and enjoy each success and achievement as you get closer to the ultimate goal. 

A lot of people like to work in reverse when they create this plan. They start thinking about the ultimate goal, then work backward, thinking about each step it would have taken to get to each point. When you finally get back to the beginning, you have a clear and accurate map of every step you need to take. 

Whatever this path ends up looking like, seeing it laid out in clear and simple terms can be incredibly inspiring and powerful. After all, a single step looks far less formidable than a massive, uncharted journey.


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Start Collecting Experience Now

Now is the time to build on your experience in the industry you’re aiming to excel in. Volunteering is a great way to get industry experience while contributing to society. Statistics show that volunteers in America give over 4 billion hours of service – an impactful way to help yourself and others. You could also vlog, blog, shadow, gain a mentor, go into education, apply for free courses, and more. It’s all forward motion. 

Don’t You Dare Compare

Around 90% of women compare themselves to others, and men aren’t far behind. Sadly, it’s usually an unfavorable comparison.

Feel inspired by those at the top? Absolutely. Gain tips from peers already ahead of you in the industry? Definitely! But don’t think you’ll never get there or you are not good enough because others appear to have done better. Take a breath, step into your strength, and be ready to fight for what you want. There’s every reason you’ll be successful, but you have to believe in yourself to stand a real chance. 

Network, Network, Network


Whether you connect at a local wine club event or a networking mixer in the industry you’re interested in, every interaction counts. You never know who could be helpful to you on the way to success, including those you might be able to help with your current skills. People remember helpful, friendly, intelligent people like you for many reasons. So get social and take every opportunity you can to get to know people – it can only open doors. 

Your passion project can become your career – you just have to believe in yourself and take a few scary but rewarding steps forward. You got this! 

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