5 Reasons to Visit Your Orthodontist in Surrey Immediately

When it comes to your teeth, it’s always ideal for taking care of your teeth early rather than being too late. Once your teeth start having problems, it isn’t just your appearance that takes a hit, but the rest of your body too.

As of 2020, the population in Surrey was around 598,530 residents. For approximately every 1,000 residents in the area, one dentist is available to cater to them. Depending on the insurance plan, it might even be possible for you to visit your Surrey dentist while the insurance is paying for it. 

Your oral health is linked to various other functions in your body, like your digestion, lungs, and even your heart. When you want to ensure long-lasting health for yourself, here are five reasons why you should be visiting your orthodontist in Surrey immediately. 

Teeth Alignment

Having misaligned teeth isn’t just an appearance issue; it can cause problems in your digestion and teeth as well. Your misaligned teeth can make it hard for you to reach every crevice when brushing, and over time can lead to tooth decay.

Misaligned teeth can also cause self-confidence issues, which is why having a dentist look at them would be for the best. You could get recommended to a semi-permanent treatment option like Invisalign, which doesn’t affect your appearance. You could also opt for a permanent treatment like braces, which would quickly have long-lasting results for your teeth.

Bite Problems

How your lower and upper teeth align together is known as your ‘bite.’ Having a bite problem means that your teeth aren’t meeting correctly and are causing other issues with your teeth.

There are various types of bite problems that can occur with both adults and children. To get an immediate resolution, it is highly recommended that you see your orthodontist in Surrey, who can tell you whether you need a surgical or remedial treatment plan. 

teeth hurt

Teeth Grinding

While not many people report teeth grinding while awake, many people suffer from teeth grinding when they’re asleep. While teeth grinding can happen due to stress and anxiety, you might not even be aware of it because you’re sleeping. Since more than a quarter of the Canadian population report feeling stressed, it might be worthwhile to check out whether you suffer from teeth grinding.

Your local Surrey dentist can recommend a nightguard to ensure that your teeth grinding doesn’t affect the strength, integrity, and function of your teeth. Excessive grinding can also lead to frequent migraines and jaw pain, which a dentist can relieve. 

Gum Disease

Whether it’s your kid or you, gum disease can strike at any age for various reasons. Depending on the severity of the gum condition, you might need immediate pain relief, which only a dentist can provide.

Gum disease typically has an extended treatment plan, but this is crucial to ensure that it doesn’t return. You might also become unable to eat or drink properly, depending on how severe the disease is.

Persistent Pain

Minor tooth pain can take a life of its own when left unchecked for too long. When you’re having persistent pain in your teeth, it’s ideal for getting it checked right away. Leaving it for too long might lead to tooth decay or something even worse.

These are five situations that might require you to go to an orthodontist in Surrey as soon as possible. Check what services they can offer to see whether your requirements will be met there. 

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