Sustainable Office Design: 5 Eco-friendly Ideas for Your Workspace

Creating an eco-friendly workspace is an excellent choice for the planet and your business. Looking beyond aesthetics, you can invest in office design and working practices that reduce your environmental footprint, boosting your company’s green credentials. To give you the inspiration needed to leap into a more planet-friendly way of working, here are five eco-friendly ideas for your workspace: 

Ease Your Way In Slowly

You can ease into sustainability by testing out office options that are more eco-friendly than what you’re currently using. For example, instead of selling all your office furniture, switching to a virtual office, but then discovering that it just isn’t right for your business, you could rent a self-storage space while you test out the remote working model. 

If the new model works, great! You can sell your furniture and enjoy the cost-savings and eco-benefits of a fully remote workforce. If it doesn’t suit your team, you don’t have to start again from scratch. Instead of purchasing new and expensive office equipment that will only draw further on the planet’s limited resources, you can simply pull yours out of storage and find a space that suits your needs.  

Add Vegan Food To The Mix

You don’t have to make the office fully vegan to help the environment. Nor do you have to get all that involved in what your employees eat. Simply cutting down on planet-intensive products like beef and dairy can help reduce the emissions associated with your business. 

Try supplying vegan snacks, dairy-free alternatives, and meat-free meals in your vending machines and cafeteria. Doing so will help your workforce make more planet-friendly choices when snacking. 

Paperless Goals

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Nearly 40% of industrial wood traded across the planet is for the paper industry. Unsustainable wood production practices have many issues relating to the earth, local ecosystems, and human rights. Sadly, even sustainable paper comes at a cost to the planet through manufacturing practices, paper waste, and environmental destruction. It also uses up a lot of physical space in the office and tends to be bulky and unnecessary. 

With so many digital alternatives for most of the jobs paper once performed, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. Removing paper from your business can save money, streamline working processes, and help the planet all at once. 

Second-Hand Revamps

Like fast fashion, low-quality furniture is having a nasty impact on the planet. In America alone, over 12 million tons of furniture were thrown out in 2018, most of which ended up in landfills. With all the materials, manufacturing energy, shipping, and more involved in making that furniture, it’s easy to see how new office goods impact the planet in all the wrong ways. 

By purchasing second-hand furniture and eco-conscious pieces designed to last, you can make your office beautiful, cost-effective, and better for the planet. 

Greenery Galore: Bring Nature Indoors

Flood your workspace with beautiful plants to boost the air quality and enhance the aesthetics of your office. Spider plants, Sansevieria, Pothos, and Monstera tend to be easy to look after, as are cacti. If you want something more impressive, look into biophilic design, larger-scale hanging displays, and moss or plant walls. 

Studies show that the benefits of plants in the office go beyond air quality and aesthetics. You’ll also benefit from your employees and visitors feeling a boost in mood and working performance thanks to the positive impact of being surrounded by nature. 

With the tips above, your workspace can be more beautiful and sustainable than ever, helping your business reach new eco-friendly milestones in 2024 and beyond. 

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