5 Dessert Food Ideas For Summer Events

There can be a high probability that your drawing defines a desert for the next bbq for the summer. If you are overwhelmed with the number of options available, this article has got you covered with 5 food ideas that will spark any summer event. This article has a combined list of perfect summer desserts for anyone who owns a sweet tooth. 

Whether you are looking for a scoop of ice cream, fresh fruit, or chocolate treat, these recipes serve all. The best part is that you don’t need to get overwhelmed with the time spent preparing these recipes as they are so easy and fast that you will be enjoying the party more.

Banana Split With Cashew Ice Cream Cones

This recipe is a treat for banana lovers. It would help if you started this recipe by caramelizing the bananas in any non-stick pan. This process is vital because you need to develop a delicious crust and that too without using any fat in the recipe. Then it would help if you topped this piece of heaven with an ice cream scoop. Don’t forget to top this up with quality caramel corn. You can serve them in any style and let people make their own Sunday.

Dessert Cups

If you need a quick recipe so that you could enjoy a beautiful warm summer day, then make use of this recipe. All you need to do is grab pie crust pieces and peach pie filling while topping with vanilla ice cream! Prefer to have ice cream cones instead of ice cream scoops to make this dessert even more special.

Recipe For Coconut Lovers

Suppose you want to enjoy doughnuts without tiring yourself in long lines, then the best recipes to go for coconut cake doughnut. You can prepare a batter with coconut cream and nutmeg so you can get a tropical flavor. After preparing the doughnuts, you have to toss them in a coconut sugar mixture spiked with cinnamon. You can stuff this piece of beauty with coffee or even cocktails.

Mango Pound Cake

If you prefer to have a balanced taste of sugar, just grab a loaf that is not too sweet and fold it into the mangoes. Further, blend it with coconut oil and melted butter to create a perfectly moist texture. You can pair it with mango ice cream cones, which will make this dessert even more special.

Recipe For Chocolate Lovers With Ice Cream Cones

You need to try chocolate skillet cake and pair it with vanilla ice cream cones and coffee.

This recipe is quite easy to clean up and make as well; all you need to do is beat egg whites until they form stiff peaks for 3 minutes. Cook chocolate and water on the skillet until melted. Once you remove from the heat, whisk with the salt, sugar and egg yolks. Here comes the point when you will gently fold the egg whites until combined. Put the skillet into the oven and you are done. 

Don’t forget to pair it with vanilla ice cream cones.

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