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5 Common Swimming Pool Opening Mistakes To Avoid

Finally, the summers are here. It’s time to pull back those winter pool covers or pool enclosures and kick off the swim season.

However, while opening the pool in haste, people often make mistakes that cost them time, energy, and of course, a lot of money.

Here are 5 common swimming pool opening mistakes and the ways to avoid them so that you can enjoy never-ending water splashes around all summer long:

1. Not cleaning your pool cover

It may be tempting enough to immediately remove your pool cover and toss it aside. 

However, this can increase your work as the dead leaves and other debris accumulated on the pool cover may slide in your pool water.


Before you roll out your motorized pool cover, rinse it well to remove dirt, dust and tree twigs/leaves. 

2. Ignoring deck cleaning

With dead leaves falling from trees, dirt from pool cover, and the usual debris, it is difficult to expect a well-cleaned pool deck.

And most probably, anything on your deck will likely end up in your pool. 


Before opening your pool, follow a few tips:

  1. Survey the area around your pool.
  2. Sweep your pool deck.
  3. Pressure wash to clean the hard-to-remove dirt/dust.
  4. Check your deck for damage or other issues.

Above all, proper deck cleaning conserves the decks’ concrete construction, reduces unnecessary repairs, and prevents people from slipping. 

3. Not testing pool chemistry

Many pool owners often overlook the importance of testing pool chemistry.

However, unbalanced pool chemistry can cause skin and eye irritation, potential illness, and in the long run, could damage your pool and equipment.


Maintaining pool chemistry is important to ensure safe and healthy swimming.

Use a test kit and perform the following checks: 

  1. Maintain a pH level between 7.2 to 7.6.
  2. Balance alkalinity is between 80-120 ppm.
  3. Add necessary chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides.
  4. Maintain calcium range between 150-400 ppm.
  5. Shock your pool.

4. Not checking the pool filter

Oftentimes, pool owners fail to check the pool filter before turning it on.

However, with the passage of time, pool filters may clog up with debris and cause a rise in the pool’s pressure system and can damage other equipment. 


Pool filters perform the heavy task of keeping your pool clean throughout the season. 

To ensure everything runs smoothly, check the pool filter before turning it on.

5. Putting all the chemicals at once

Once your pool is chemically balanced, you may feel the urge to add all chemicals such as chlorine, algaecide, and other metal chemicals at once.

However, this may disturb your pool water chemistry. 


Chemicals should be added slowly in the following order:

Day 1: Add shock to the pool

Day 2: Put clarifier

Day 3: Add stain prevention chemicals

Day 4: Add algaecide

Closing words

Opening your swimming pool is not a complicated task.

However, avoid these common mistakes to keep your pool clean and safe throughout the season.

Happy Swimming!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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