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Renovation Roadblocks: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Home Office

The path to creating the perfect home office can be littered with mistakes that cost you time, energy, and money. By avoiding those errors, you can enjoy a smoother renovation process. Of course, achieving that smooth run is far easier said than done! 

To help you get exceptional results without suffering common pitfalls, here are five common mistakes to avoid when renovating your home office: 

Trying To Create A Clean Slate Yourself

The first step to home office renovation is creating a clean slate by ripping out everything you don’t want and responsibly disposing of the debris. Get this stage wrong, and you potentially give yourself rubbish foundations for the next stages of your project. You might even damage a wall, cause dust to spread beyond the office, or rip out something essential by accident, leaving you with extra costs needed to replace it. 

Avoid such mistakes by hiring professionals for things like floor removal, office stripouts and rubbish removal. These seasoned professionals can handle all the heavy lifting, messy bits and more, leaving you with a clean foundation from which to build the beautiful, serene new home office of your dreams. 

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Failing To Prepare

Did you know nearly 20% of projects fail because of poor planning? Take time to think about office ergonomics, furniture positioning, storage needs, plants, and decor style. You can then use this information to get the right materials and plan when and how you’ll do the office renovation. This helps prevent delays and major disruption, encourages you to seek the right people to help with aspects of the renovation, and guarantees you the best possible results. 


According to recent statistics, Americans are spending 60% more on home renovations than they were just a few years ago. If you don’t budget for your project, you could spend more than planned, leading to an unfinished project and a shortage of money for living costs. 

After planning and estimating costs, add at least 10% for unexpected expenses. Budgeting can also show you ways to save money, giving you better value and maybe even some extra cash for other home improvements or a nice office treat like a plant or fancy chair. 

Forgetting Health & Safety Because You’re At Home 

Forgoing health and safety details when designing and renovating your home office is a huge mistake. You could get hurt as you renovate or suffer long-term health issues if you miss a health and safety issue in the design. We know 41% of remote workers suffer from stress compared to 25% of in-office workers. And workstation issues like bad posture and eye strain often go totally unmonitored among this cohort of workers. 

Be your own health and safety officer by using free health and safety resources online. Turn to professional services for hazardous renovation tasks, and prioritize health and safety over aesthetics and novelty in your office design. 

Bypassing Your Home Office Design Preferences


Don’t make the mistake of failing to personalize your office—this is your career hub, after all. If you’re feeling stuck, find a serviced office design or catalog design you like and use that as the base for your home office layout. From here, add decorations and personal touches that you know will inspire you to be productive and creative. Your office should include scents, colors, textures, and tones that inspire you to be your best. 

It’s time to create a home working space that supports your wellbeing and enhances your ability to grow a successful career. Budget wisely, be safe, and unleash your creativity—this new beautiful space is the perfect place to achieve your professional dreams. 

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