5 Best Tips for Healthy Breasts

Maintaining good breast health is every woman’s responsibility. Considering the stress and anxiety induced by modern-day lifestyle, getting diagnosed with breast cancer seems like no big shock now. Women with zero risk factors take treatments for breast cancer. That’s how unpredictable the disease is. 

So, the point is that taking care of your breasts is crucial. And this goes beyond mammograms. You need to bring some lifestyle changes to prevent breast-related diseases and live a healthy life. Below, we have shared the five best tips for healthy breasts. 

Get Screenings On Time 

Getting timely screenings is important. The American Cancer Society suggests women take one clinical breast exam every three years. Your doctor will take your mammogram test and MRI ( if needed) to check your breast health. Make sure you do not let your lazy self come in the way of your doctor’s visit.

If you have got any surgeries or implants done in your past life, your doctor may suggest removing them if it’s affecting your health. Many women have gotten their explant (breast implant removal) by Dr. Robert Cohen, and reported significant relief from their previous implant complications. They also felt more confident. 

Fill Your Body With Water and Healthy Food 

The ideal thing you can do to your body is to eat good food. Just like vehicles need petrol/diesel to run, your body requires its fuel to function properly. Foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and red meat are good sources of nutrition.

You should also increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and walnut seeds. You can consult a dietician and get yourself a customized diet chart as per your body requirements. Also, experts suggest drinking at least 2-3 liters of water every day to prevent dehydration and other diseases. 

Move Your Body 

Nothing can be more beneficial for your body than exercising regularly. It releases endorphins (naturally produced painkillers in your body) which help reduce stress levels and induce excitement. And you need not hit the gym to be fit; rather indulging in any form of physical exercise would be a great step. It could be dancing, aerobics, yoga, or even any sport. 

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Take Enough Sleep 

Taking proper rest is as important as exercising. Your body requires time to recover. Experts recommend taking at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day. It allows your mind and body to recharge and cut down the chances of stress build-up and other diseases. 

No Alcohol, No Smoking 

Though the use of alcohol has been associated with some health benefits, its consumption is risky for your health. A study suggested that women who consumed more than three drinks of alcohol had a higher risk of developing breast cancer than non-drinkers. Similarly, women who often smoke are more likely to have breast cancer. 

Bottom Line 

Good breast health is vital to a healthy and happy life. We must take essential strategies to fight soreness, feel comfortable in our own skin and reduce our chances of getting breast cancer. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. After all, we all deserve to lead a healthy life. 

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