5 Best Christmas Gift Sets Every Bestie Needs

The holidays are coming and it’s time to start brainstorming what we’re planning on giving our family, friends and loved ones to celebrate Christmas. Looking for something extra special to give your bestie this year? We’ve highlighted five of our absolute favorite gift sets, perfect for best friend gifts at Christmastime. Check it out and get inspired!

1. The Pampering Set

Every girl needs supplies for a night of pampering and self love. Throw together a little gift set with some bath bombs, yummy body wash, a facemask and a candle to create the perfect, relaxing ambience. You could even throw in a box of her favorite tea and a cute new mug for her to enjoy it while she soaks in the perfect bath. These Promenade Field mugs are a great option, and they have some fun best friend mug options that could be just the thing to top off this gift set for your bestie!

2. The Baking Set

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Is she a lover of all things baking? Use this info to your advantage and throw together a fun baking set for her as a Christmas gift! Maybe she’s had her eye on a new kitchen gadget or is needing to replace some of her well-loved baking tools. Consider which items she would benefit from the most, find a cute basket, and throw it all together for her. Top it all off with a new cookbook or maybe a cute new recipe box for her to store her favorite recipes.

3. The Charcuterie Set

Charcuterie boards have been seriously trending for a while now, and this would be a great gift idea to give your best friend this holiday season. Fill a basket with a pretty wooden cutting board, some fancy cheese knives, and a fun assortment of charcuterie. Hard and soft cheeses, salami, prosciutto, nuts, grapes, berries, dried fruits, olives and fancy crackers will do the trick. Who doesn’t love getting a basket full of fancy treats?

4. The Stationary Set

We all have that friend that is obsessed with paper and pens. If that is your bestie, she is sure to love a stationary gift set this Christmas. Some journals, both lined and dotted, is a great place to start. Throw in a set of high-quality, fine tipped pens in various colors, find some cute sticky notes, and top it all off with a few roles of fun washi tape. Some of her favorite Christmas candy or a gift card to Starbucks wouldn’t hurt, either!

5. The Relax Set

We all need a little reminder every now and then to slow down and relax. For the workaholic bestie, a gift set centered around relaxing is a great option this holiday season! Get her a plush throw blanket, the bigger the better, and some fuzzy socks to start. Include a copy of your most recent favorite read and some classic chick flicks. Top it off with her favorite beverage and she’ll be all set for a relaxing night in.

So as you start planning out what you’re getting for whom this holiday season, take some time to consider which gift set would be best for your bestie. Whether she’s a lover of all things stationary or needs some supplies to relax and pamper, we’re sure she’ll love the gift set you put together for her. Happy planning!

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