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5 Beauty Trends to Follow in 2022

A new year is always exciting, and it usually is the opportunity for you to do better in every facet of your life. Health and wellness matter, especially in the stressed-out lives most of us lead each and every day. Our lifestyle experts are sharing some awesome beauty trends to follow in 2022 that will benefit your health and wellness. Healthy looks start from the inside out and deliver purity and organic abundance.

1. The Niacinamide Revolution

When it comes to a clear, ageless, and radiant complexion, we all search for the ultimate skincare formula that we can follow daily. Many of us settle on products containing retinol and vitamin C, but what if we told you that an amazing ingredient called niacinamide is another exceptional skincare dynamo to add to your daily routine that will provide you with clear skin.

It is, and you should think about adding niacinamide to your beauty arsenal in 2022.

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, and when you apply it as a cream, serum, or lotion on the face and neck, it has the ability to stop acne, keep the pores clean and deliver that gorgeous glow that we all strive to achieve. 

2. Essential Oils For Bathing

Mental Health

Having soft skin on the body feels wonderful, and that is where certain essential oils come into play and can make bathtime extra special.

These incredible plant extracts that are in essential oils are highly concentrated, so you don’t need a lot of a certain essential oil to create the ideal bath. You can add a few drops to the tub’s water with Epsom salts or in a foamy bubble bath and enjoy a relaxing moment, relieve stress, and soothe tired, aching muscles.

Aroma specialists recommend these six essential oils for bathtime: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chamomille, and Eucalyptus.

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3. Aloe Vera Beauty Benefits

10 Reasons to Choose Organic Skin Care

Perfect skin is something many of us try very hard to attain throughout our lifetime, and still, blemishes can ruin our day and sometimes even our self-esteem. There are tons of drugstore products made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients to help zap away the zits, but you can also try a natural method for great benefits. 

Aloe vera has been around since ancient times, and lots of research has shown that the gooey gel from the long-stalked plant can create a clear, glowing complexion. Also, it feels good to rub aloe vera on your skin if it is irritated. 

Aloe vera happens to contain a natural chemical called polysaccharides, and it is responsible for encouraging the growth of new skin cells. It also contains bacteria-fighting properties to keep blemishes at bay.

You can find pure aloe vera gel at beauty stores and apply it after washing your face. It will dry and leave a soft, smooth complexion for any skin type.

You could also apply the gel from a stalk of aloe vera. You can find them at the supermarket. Leave it on the skin as a face mask for 10 minutes. After it dries, just rinse your face with cold water.

4. Modern Laser Hair Removal

laser beauty treatment

Unwanted hair is something a lot of us deal with in private, but it’s more common than you think, and the best way to get rid of it is with the advancement of laser hair removal technology. It’s a convenient and effective solution.

There are dermatologists around the country who are experts in this treatment that zaps hair away permanently. During the procedure, laser light zeroes in on hair follicles and damages them in the process. Because the follicles are destroyed, they no longer initiate or nurture hair.

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5. Rosehip Seed Oil Skin Saver

roseship oil

Another trend in the beauty industry that makes your complexion look healthy, radiant, and smooth comes from an essential oil called rosehip seed oil. A lot of celebrities believe in the goodness and purity of this oil and use it in their skincare regimen.

Rosehip seed oil is naturally packed with antioxidants and fatty acids for nourishing the facial skin to restore it, brighten it, and soften the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The oil is effective at evening out skin tone and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Here’s another bonus from a study conducted in 2013: A moisturizer containing rosehip oil was applied and found to reduce the severity of existing stretch marks in pregnant women.

It’s a brand new year and time to reenergize in 2022! Try a few of our trends for health and wellness and our approach to natural beauty. We believe it can make a lovely difference.

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