15 Tips on How to Get the Perfect Skin

You could buy all the skincare products in the universe, try all the tips and tricks but it ultimately comes down to getting skincare tips that actually work. Whether you need to cover up a blemish or de-puff your eyes here are some great skincare tips that really work.

Knowing your skin type

Asking yourself what skin type do I have is a first step to understating your skin care needs. You could trigger breakouts, irritation, premature aging as well as compromise your skin’s natural balance if you are misinformed or unaware of your skin type. Keep in mind your skin type changes over time or through the seasons.

Knowing how to layer your skincare products

For your skincare to be fully absorbed and work efficiently, you need to apply them in the right order. Generally, it’s always good to begin applying the lightweight formulas followed by heavier creams. Give your skin a couple of minutes to absorb thicker creams.

The skincare routine may sound complicated, here we have a comprehensive guide on skincare routine order.

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Apply less product

Applying too much of your skincare product could potentially block your pores or the product is more likely to pill. Using less product is a way of avoiding wastage, considering that your skin can’t absorb most of it.

Always cleanse twice

Get rid of all the bacteria, oil, dirt, and pollution that builds up on your skin throughout the day by double cleansing. Cleansing twice leaves your skin clean and ready for nighttime skincare routine.

Always remember to do a patch test

It’s advisable to do a patch test before using a new product to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction or irritation. 

Never use expired products

Unfortunately, beauty products harbor bacteria, particularly if you use them often. After their expiry dates, products sometimes produce harmful toxins that are not only harmful to your skin but also your health. Get rid of any skincare products that are expired or can’t remember when you purchased them.

Always have sunscreen on

Sunscreen is important when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. Skin aging is linked mainly to sun exposure. Using a sunscreen with a 5-star UVA rating and SPF 30 or above is recommended.

Incorporate masks to your skincare routine

Contrary to the popular view that face masks are for the occasional pamper night routine, they are quite important. Face masks help address a wide array of skincare concerns. With the right face mask for your skin type, you can largely improve your skin. Sleeping masks enhance skin regeneration process that occurs at night by acting as a protective barrier against bacteria and dirt.

Switch up your skincare routine regularly

Our skin constantly changes and adapts to the surrounding environment, which makes switching our skincare routine necessary. Switch your skincare routine not only according to the season but also factor in your age. Combat various changes that might affect your skin with different ingredients and formulas.

Drink and eat right

To achieve the ever-elusive glow its vital that you supply your body with minerals and vitamins that boost and are right for healthy skin. Drink lots of water throughout the day because staying hydrated is great for your skin.

Eat healthy
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There are physical and chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants are widely recommended because physical exfoliators tend to be more abrasive, and the risk of damage from using them tend to increase with the tendency to push too hard when using them. Some chemical exfoliators penetrate the skin, dislodge and dissolve dead skin cells, therefore, promoting skin regeneration.

You need retinol in your regime for flawless skin

While retinol can be intimidating and scary to use, adding it to your regime will make a significant difference to your skin. You only need to know when and how to use it in your regimen to benefit from its uses, including reducing wrinkles, evening out the skin, and fading scars.

Moisturize twice a day

When it comes to your skin, moisturizing is essential. Regardless of your skin type, your skin needs to stay hydrated. Be on the lookout for hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.

Let your pimples be

Fight the urge to pop a pimple every time on appears on your face. You are most likely to spread bacteria, or worse leave a scar. Keep in mind that even though you feel that you’ve thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the area, there is so much more going on with your skin.

Do not forget your neck

One of the most common skincare mistakes most people make is forgetting about the neck. Always make sure that you extend your skincare regime to your neck.

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