15 minutes full body HIIT workout

15 minutes to stay fit: is that possible? Yes, it is possible due to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.

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What is HIIT workout?

HIIT workout is an exercise method that is characterized by the performance of short sessions at high intensity. The methodology is based on the alternation of short and intense periods with brief rest periods. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is also ideal for burning fat and maintaining your metabolism even hours after the training session. It is the fat loss workout.

In this article, we present to you the benefits of HIIT workout. In addition, we show you the workout plan of HIIT for beginners. This will only take 15 minutes to get in top shape. Take note!

First of all, we’ll see the advantages of HIIT workout…

HIIT workout - Alifestyle

Why the HIIT Workout is good?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workout combines short periods of intense work followed by brief periods of rest. The goal is to take the body to new limits to develop anaerobic resistance and burn fat.

Also, HIIT workout burns your calories even hours later. Therefore, this type of workout is excellent of all quick workouts.

Another advantage of the HIIT workout is that it allows you to develop strength by working directly with the body’s own weight, so you will not need much space or additional material. That’s right: we recommend doing it outdoors because it feels great in a park. 

HIIT workout - Alifestyle

Some more benefits of HIIT workout

Quick results

Different studies show that a 15 minutes workout of HIIT is as effective as prolonged training in our comfort zone. These studies compare HIIT workout with conventional Aerobic exercises. The majority of the studies conclude that the HIIT workout quickly improves the physical condition of an individual as compared to other exercises.

Therefore, full body HIIT workout leads to perceptible effects in a relatively short time. A small investment of time (15 minutes) to perform 2-3 sessions of HIIT workout per week are enough to significantly improve the physical condition.

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Positive secondary effect

Full body HIIT workout of just 15 minutes causes a measurable impact on the blood sugar level, thus decreases the risk of diabetes.

Another benefit of HIIT workout: You will use 15 minutes only, with which you will be able to increase your well-being for the remaining 1,425 minutes of the day.

Accelerates metabolism

Another outstanding aspect of HIIT workout is the metabolic alteration that it causes during and after the exercise. HIIT workout is a complete exercise package that increases the caloric expenditure of our body and helps burn fat. It is estimated that the body can reach up to 15% increase in caloric intake during the 48 hours after training. Scientifically, this is largely attributed to the EPOC effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

Loss of weight and fat

The myth that HIIT workout does not help to lose weight is completely wrong. It is scientifically proven that the combination of aerobic and anaerobic intervals is one of the most effective practices for those individuals who want to lose weight or eliminate body fat. The HIIT workout allows the body to be stimulated at different intensities so that it is forced to react and adapt itself muscularly and energetically to different situations. 

HIIT workout - Alifestyle

Is HIIT the best exercise?

For many athletes, the HIIT workout saves a lot of time. But, is HIIT, therefore, the best exercise? At the end of the day, the best training is the one which is carried out on a regular basis. Therefore, it is you who must decide if you prefer to improve your physical condition in a very short period of time, or if on the contrary, you prefer to exercise for more time at a more moderate intensity.

If you enjoy giving everything during your training, you should definitely try the HIIT workout. In case you enjoy exercising at a slower pace with moderate intensity, it is better if you leave this workout aside.

HIIT workout - Alifestyle

HIIT Workout within 15 Minutes

We have prepared a plan of HIIT for beginners that will help you to exercise in less than 15 minutes. 

1.    30 seconds Jumping Jacks + 10 seconds of rest.

2.    30 seconds High knees + 10 seconds of rest.

3.    30 seconds of squats+ 10 seconds of rest.

4.    30 seconds of burpees.

5.    1’30 seconds of rest.

6.    Dynamic Squats (40 repetitions) + 10 seconds of rest.

7.    Push-ups (20 repetitions) + 10 seconds of rest.

8.    Pilates roll-up (15 repetitions) + 10 seconds of rest.

9.    30 seconds of climbing + 10 seconds of rest.

10.  30 seconds of Squat + Jumping Jack workout.

When you have finished all of this, take 2 minutes of rest and repeat the entire sequence again. Moreover, you can also change the plan according to your requirements, such as adding HIIT ab workout, HIIT running workout, HIIT leg workout, etc.


HIIT workout - Alifestyle

As you have seen HIIT workout has a lot of benefits but it is important to contextualize and understand that it is not the panacea either. You would not be the first to abuse this type of training and end up burned physically and mentally after 2 months. Do not expect the miracle with 3-4 HIIT workout sessions of 15 minutes each. Improvements require time and patience, so determination and healthy eating will be the best HIIT workout companions.

So, we can say loud and clear that the HIIT workout is an excellent solution for those who have little time to exercise. In relation to time invested and performance obtained, few HIIT workout sessions are so effective.

To all this, we must add the effectiveness of HIIT workout to lose weight and eliminate body fat. With the arrival of this exercise, the myth that at the high intensity it is impossible to lose weight is completely wrong. What is clear as has been demonstrated in the article is that the HIIT workout is one of the most complete and effective today. A workout that also stands out for its ability to adapt to different individuals. 

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