10 Slow Living Tips to Enjoy Life

We are so used to our fast-paced life that taking a break is not an option. When you are constantly on the go and work like there’s no tomorrow there will be an adverse effect. Living such a lifestyle can cause you a great amount of stress and that often leads to health complications.

It is also shown in studies that people face major issues when they are retiring, from working non-stop to being completely free makes a negative impact on mental health and can lead to anxiety. It is necessary that you make small changes right from the start to live a slow but better life. Spending more time with friends and less time on screen can be your first step towards a more meaningful life.

There are many other activities that will help you feel calm and content, and if you want to enjoy your time, then this article is all you need. 

Here we have listed a few tips that you can follow to have a healthy positive outlook on any negative situations and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Tips for Slow living to Enjoy Life

1. Follow a hobby

Take upon any old hobby you had when we were a kid or take up a new hobby. It will increase your creativity and let you be engaged for the right amount of time. Following a hobby will reduce your stress and help concentrate much better.

2. Make your meal

We are so used to having ready-made meals or ordering from hotels that we forgot what fun it is to make a meal from scratch. Cooking will not only let you relax but also provide healthy meals for you and your family.

Similarly, you can try baking cakes and loaves, who doesn’t love eating baked items. Recipes are available online, and this can be used as a family bonding time.

3. Watch good movies and shows

How to be happy - Watching movie - A-Lifestyle

Nothing matches the feeling of binge-watching your favorite shows. But in situations like this, it is best to watch happy ending movies. Rom-coms are the best, it will make you cry, make you laugh, but most importantly, it will leave you feeling satisfied.

Animated movies are also fun to watch, and all family members can see them together. If you watch a horror or thriller movie, it will have an adverse effect and won’t give you that satisfying feeling.

4. Do a digital detox

We are so hooked on to our screens that we forget to appreciate our nature. Take some time for your mobiles and walk in your backyard. Even sitting in your balcony in silence is an excellent way to be connected with nature.

Do yoga or workout in the comfort of your home, detoxing from the screen will help your eyesight and overall health.

5. Listen and feel the music

How to be happy - Singing - A-Lifestyle

We don’t listen to music as much as we used to do when we were young. This is your chance to listen to your jams and get lost in new music. Listening to good music always improves your mood and makes you feel good.

6. Sketch

How to be happy - Drawing - A-Lifestyle

Take out your pencils and paper and draw your heart out. You don’t have to be super clean in your drawing, and the important thing is to enjoy the feeling. You either paint, draw, or sketch whatever suits your mood.

Drawing and listening to calming music will take you to a peaceful place far from any stress. This will stir your creativity and help you with productivity as well.

7. Read a book

meditation book

Take this free time to do activities that previously weren’t possible due to the workload. Take out a book that grabs your attention and just enjoy a reading session. In case you don’t have an actual book you can download the pdf or read the book online.

Platforms like Kindle give you millions of books in one place. You can also use audiobooks wherein you don’t have to read, the app will read out the story out loud for you. You can listen to your book while cooking or doing any chores.

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8. Chat with family and friends

How to be happy - Family - A-Lifestyle

From school to colleges to a 9-5 job, we rarely have one on one talk with family members. Take meals together, video call your friends. This will only increase your bond with them. Have a conversation with your family or about your life plans or any issues you are facing because in the end family is who really cares about us. Besides talking to your family doctor is also a good way to relieve your stress and maintain your mental health.

9. Play board games

Playing board games is everyone’s favorite. Bring out the best board games like ludo, monopoly, or snake and ladder board and play with friends and family. In case you have a small child at your place, playing board games will allow the kid to think creatively.  Board games are great for family bonding, it can teach you real-life lessons as well.

10. Do deep cleaning

How to be happy - Cleaning - A-Lifestyle

Nothing clear ups our mind like decluttering does. If you have a good amount of time with you then we suggest doing deep cleaning of either your room or even the house. You can start with small things like drawers and move to bigger things.

Deep cleaning will not only keep you busy for some time but also by the end of it you will have a hygienic place. 

Cleaning up cloth drawers will let you know if there are access clothes that you can donate something or if any electronics are broken to throw it off before anyone gets hurt.


Having a peaceful life is what we all truly want. Sometimes it is important to take a break every now and then and appreciate what we have achieved in life. In this fast-paced life, a few moments of relaxation makes us realize there’s so much more to life than we think of.

When you spend time with your friends and family you are creating memories that you will cherish forever. If right now you are blessed with some free time then look at the above points and check if you can bring any positive change in your life that will make you a wiser person.

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