10 Ridiculously Easy Christmas Gift Basket Idea

Christmas is everyone’s favorite occasion. Everyone celebrates this day with love and happiness. When it comes to buying gifts for your sweet friends and loving family, it can be a tough job. If you want to give the best gift to your family or friends, there are a lot out there. But on this lovely day, you should give something made by yourself. Gift baskets are a wonderful gift. Even though you can buy these baskets, this basket should be handmade by yourself. Here we will give you 10 ridiculously easy Christmas gift basket ideas. 

10 Christmas gift basket ideas

 1.  Food & Drink DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

New Zealand Gift Hampers - Basket Creations
photo by: Basket Creations

Food and drink DIY gift basket can be an anatomy gift for your loved ones. You add different types of candies, chips, donuts,  and their favorite drinks. Also, you can add different colored candies, so it will enhance the look of your basket and make it attractive. You can decorate the basket with flowers, ribbons, and colored gift paper to make it glamorous.

2. Tea Lover Gift Basket

House Warming Gift
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If you have a friend or a family member who’s obsessed with tea, so you can make a tea lover gift basket. You can add their most favorite tea packs with some tasty cookies. There are many different types and varieties of tea. You can add black tea, Japanese tea, herbal tea, and many more others. 

3. Body Care Gift Basket

Mum And Bub Bundle (Girl)
photo by: Basket Creations

Body care gifts are the most beautiful gifts.  In this DIY basket add different colored nail polishes, lotion, body spray, perfumes, shampoo, cute towels, and body wash, etc. 

 4.  Fruit Basket

Well, if you care about your family and friends fruit basket is a lovely idea. Buy most favorite fruits and decorate the basket with cute stickers, letters, and flowers, etc. It’s a gorgeous and healthy gift. 

 5. Gamer Gift Basket

If you have someone who loves and is obsessed with playing games then you should gift them. Add few notes with delightful quotes. Buy some new games or add a gift card so they can buy more games. 

6. Men DIY Gift Basket

When it comes to buying gifts for men, it can be a little difficult job because you kept thinking what should I buy. Here are some ideas. Buy wallet, decent odor perfume, watches, ties, and shirts. There are a lot of things which you can add to the basket. 

 7.  College Survival Gift Basket

Perfect for someone who’s always in need of stationery stuff. Now you must be a little confused about what to put in these baskets. Put pens, journals, cute diaries, notepads, etc. This gift basket NZ will be perfect for college friends. 

8.  Movie Lover Gift Basket

There’s is always someone in family or friends who love movies. It would be a great idea to make a movie lover gift basket. Put different genres of a movie like horror, comedy, medical, law, and romantic. So they can enjoy their Christmas. 

 9. Gardener Gift Basket

If you have someone in your life who loves nature and greenery then it’s the right gift for them. Decorate the basket with flowers and green stuff. Put in different seeds of flowers, plants, and many others. 

10. Book Lover Gift Basket

Sounds perfect for a bookworm. Who loves reading books. Put in a good book, a cute blanket, and a mug. So they will enjoy their Christmas reading a new book. 


Christmas gift for women

These were some remarkable ideas for Christmas gift baskets. We hope that this idea will help you to find a perfect gift basket for your family and friends.

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