10 Best Sunscreen Sprays To Protect Your Skin

Sunscreens are available in several formulations in the market – creams, lotions, sunscreen sprays, powders, roll-ons to mention a few, lotions, and sprays being the most popular. Sunscreen spray vs sunscreen lotion, which is better for use? 

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Spray Sunscreens have the advantage of the quick and hassle-free application. Also, sprays are really good for children as you need not bother them with creams and lotions to be applied regularly, which takes like minutes. In addition to it, lotions tend to leave a nasty greasy heaviness all over after you apply them. On top of that, if you sweat, situations worsen. 

Sprays, on the other hand, don’t give you that unpleasant heaviness and sticky films all over your body and hands. All said lotions no doubt provide better coverage and are also more pocket friendly than sprays. 

Here we have listed 10 best Sunscreen Sprays that you can get your hands on. To start with, you may choose any one of these to suit your skin type, SPF requirement, and cost concerns.

10 Best Sunscreen Spray

Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

The manufacturers claim the product to be oil-free and fast-absorbing. It has a decent fragrance that ensures that people who can’t tolerate smelly formulas have an option to go for. It is oxybenzone free and PABA free as well. Oxybenzone, as you know, is a harmful chemical that is a constituent of many sunscreens in the market. The sun protection this product provides is incredible and far superior to most. It is water-resistant as the name would suggest and needs a re-application every 80 minutes if you go in the water.

COOLA Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 – Reef friendly, Guava Mango

It’s refreshing Guava Mango scent, which is derived from natural sources is what makes people go crazy for it. When it comes to sun protection, it is well suited for long and heavy out-door activities as well as for everyday wear. It is thus claimed to be a versatile product overall. The best part of this sunscreen spray is that it is organic.

It is water-resistant, thus perfect for those sunny beach days. It needs reapplication every 80 minutes if you happen to come in contact with water. The product is Reef Friendly, which means the manufacturing process it undergoes does not harm the Reefs in the oceans. The product also suits allergy-prone skin as it is hypo-allergic. 

Laboratoires de Biarritz Organic Alga Maris Sunscreen Spray Face and Body

This is another great sunscreen spray that claims to be 100% natural and safe. It has Alga-Gorria, a potent antioxidant derived from the Red Algae. It helps neutralize free radicals on the skin and thus prevent sun damage and aging. The lightweight, water-like formula assists in the easy spreading of the product over skin. It is also water-resistant like the others mentioned above. They are a French company and offer a wide range of sun protection products of different formulations and SPF’s and suitability. Their products are all certified and well tested.

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Spray | Vegan and Reef Friendly

First and foremost, it comes in such a cute bottle! This lightweight and easy to use sunscreen spray is enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals. It is Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Oil, Paraben, PABA, Propylene glycol free. This one is also water-resistant, up to 80 minutes. It has a subtle fragrance that is derived from natural sources.

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Apart from liquid sunscreen and sunscreen spray, there is sun stick for your option. Let’s check out those products in the market:

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All Good Baby & Kids Mineral Sunscreen Combo Pack

Choosing a good sunscreen for children might be a tough task, thanks to their utterly sensitive and thin skin. Also, they can’t tolerate greasy and heavy formulations. This sunscreen spray should be the perfect sun protection for your babies or kids. The chamomile in its formula soothes the skin. The Oxybenzone and GMO-free formula is entirely Coral Reef friendly and vegan. It is water-resistant up to 80 minutes of application.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray BroadSpectrum

This is a very popularly used and recommended product worldwide. It is the go-to sunscreen prescribed by dermatologists almost everywhere. It is recommended by various skin cancer associations. Loaded with antioxidants, it is suitable for all skin types and has a mist like non-oily texture. The coverage provided by this sunscreen spray is very good. 

Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+ Antioxidant Sunscreen Spray for Sensitive Skin 

This is a powerful product that has almost everything you need from a sunscreen spray. The formula is residue-free, feathery light and non-greasy to apply. Known for its high antioxidant contents, it contains the goodness of Green Tea polyphenols, Vitamin C, Resveratol, and Emblica. The water-resistant property of this sunscreen spray lasts for about 40 minutes after application. This one is slightly different from the others mentioned as it is a purely physical sunscreen. It simply means that it forms a barrier between the skin and sun rays rather than reacting with the skin to make it less prone to sun damage

Anessa Perfect UV Spray Sunscreen Aqua Booster

Sunscreens, like any other product, would be sloughed off the skin upon being subject to contact and friction. This Japanese brand sunscreen is very unique as it claims to prevent loss of coverage due to friction. The ultra-lightweight and non-greasy texture further adds to the pros of this revolutionary product. The Japanese formula incorporated into the product provides sweat and water resistance. It is also packed with various Anti-aging and moisturizing components.

EltaMD UV Aero Full-Body Spray Sunscreen

It is a fragrance-free, paraben-free, and non-comedogenic sunscreen spray. Non-comedogenic means that it won’t clog your pores upon application. The travel-friendly size ensures that you don’t miss out on sun protection wherever you go. The spray dries clear upon application and is very light and non-oily. The sun protection provided by this product is incredible.

Clarins Sun Care Lotion Spray Spf50+

This is another water-resistant product that needs reapplication every 2 hours upon being exposed to water or sweat. Although not entirely safe for babies, it suits all skin types and weathers. The plant extracts in the formula give a hydrating and moisturizing effect and do not leave a nasty white cast upon application.

Wrapping Up

Sprays have gained a lot of popularity these days, especially in the tropics, thanks to their easy and quick application. It is important that you stay away from flames as some sprays use gases that are inflammable. Also, cover your eyes and mouth while applying. While sunscreen sprays take a considerably less amount of time to apply, people tend to apply less than required, as they quickly spray it all over in the same fashion as they would spray a deodorant! The spray should be held at each exposed area for at least a few seconds. That is the correct method to apply it.

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