10 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes For Glowing Skin

You do too much to your skin. From loading it with creams, makeup products, exposing it to sun rays to subjecting it to oil, environmental pollutants, and sweat, your skin faces it all. When your skin suffers through these many things, it deserves to be taken care of as well. So, the first question that comes to mind is -How? How do you take proper care of your skin? How do you provide essentials to your face? How can you make your skin smooth, bright, and healthy? The one-word answer to all your questions is – cleansing by using a good quality facial cleansing brush.

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Benefits of making use of a facial cleansing brush

The use of a good quality facial cleansing brush removes the unhealthy look from your face by treating stubborn, sticky pore-clogging sebum. Read how regular cleansing makes your skin healthy.

  • Regular cleansing brightens the skin and softens it by providing maximum moisture.
  • Cleansing helps in promoting blood circulation, which eventually gives your skin a natural glow.
  • It helps remove almost all the impurities like blackheads, dead skin cells, and makeup residuals.
  • Cleansing is vital in preventing the growth of acne, scars, and inflammation. Also, it reduces the appearance of age signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

Top 10 Facial Cleansing Brushes

When it comes to choosing an excellent facial brush for your skin, you have ample options in the market. However, to make the task more comfortable for you, here is a list of 10 best facial cleansing brush kits that work well for almost all skin types.

Clarisonic Mia Smart Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

As its name says, “Smart” cleaning brush doesn’t disappoint. The brush gets connected to the Clarisonic app, which makes sure you’re true to your skincare timetable by allowing you to upload your preferred skincare routine. What makes this cleansing brush take the top position is its guided timer. The timer takes note of your massaging time and tells you when to switch the area for better cleansing of the face. Also, it comes with a smart option and two cleansing modes.  

FOREO LUNA play plus: Portable Facial Cleansing Brush

Here’s a revolutionary silicone cleansing brush that gives a new, flawless life to your skin. It is a cute and compact LUNA play plus, perfect for portability, that has a pack for cleansing brush. The play plus, while cleansing your face, offers mini facial massage to provide a natural glow to the skin. It channels T-sonic pulsations to avoid abrasive spinning and provides a smooth clean. LUNA play plus is nonporous and hypoallergic that resists bacteria build-up and removes 99.5% of oil and dirt. 

PMD Clean Pro RQ – Smart Facial Cleansing Device

Made with antibacterial silicone, PMD Clean Pro RQ comes with four modes of cleansing. It has the sonic glow technology that cleanses the face, leaving a natural glow behind. While mode 1 and 2 provide the glowing cleanse, mode 3 and 4 are to provide you with the anti-aging benefits. Just turn off the Active Warmth option and allow the brush to moisturize the skin.

Panasonic Face Wash Beauty Machine

Panasonic Beauty Machine offers foam cleansing to clean the face line and provide you the skin of elasticity. The machine generates whipped cream like creamy bubbles automatically in less than 5 minutes for better cleaning. Use it while watching tv, or relaxing or while warming up in the bath. It is suggested to apply cleansing cream after using it.

PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Brush [Newest 2020]

Enjoy full spa-quality skincare with PIXNOR Facial Brush. The portable kit has two-speed motors, from gentle to vigorous, and seven brush heads- a different brush for a different job. The package is a perfect pack for deep cleansing, massaging, gently exfoliating, and removing blackheads.

Fancii Waterproof Facial Cleansing Spin Brush Set with 3 Exfoliating Brush Heads 

Fancii cleansing kit has three brush heads – for gentle cleansing, for deep cleansing and one for extremely gentle cleansing for sensitive skin. The portable, waterproof pack is great to be used in a shower or bath.

Epicurean Beauty Soft Bristle Face Cleaning Beauty Brush for Deep Pore Cleansing

Epicurean Beauty Brush is super gentle in removing skin impurities. It works best, beginning from thorough cleansing and then minimizing the appearance of large pores. With this, you get access to the skin as clean as a whistle.

OKACHI GLIYA Facial Cleansing Brush Rechargeable Face Wash Brush

The pack comes with two brush heads and four cleansing modes. It also features a UV sanitation and air dryer system. With regular use, it aids in reducing the appearance of age signs and makes your skin youthful and healthy.

Olay Facial Cleansing Brush by Olay Pro-X, Face exfoliating Microdermabrasion kit

Regular microdermabrasion is highly beneficial for your skin. The thermal crystal polisher and microdermabrasion foam head make the Olay facial cleansing brush different from others. It polishes away the facial imperfections, surface discoloration, and dull patches gently with its system that works several times better than a scrub. 

GranNaturals Manual Facial Cleansing Brush – Soft Bamboo Fibers

GranNaturals face cleansing brush is a kit in itself. It has super soft bamboo fibers that make a perfect tool for deep pore cleansing, acne washing and applying a face mask. It works great with just a small amount of cleanser is ideal for both men and women with sensitive skin. 

Few Rules to follow while using facial cleansing brushes

While using the facial cleansing brush, here are a few things that you need to remember.

  • Begin with a patch test before using the brush on your face. Use it on your inner forearm and check if the bristles cause any irritation to your skin.
  • Remember to wash your brush after using it.
  • The brush head needs to be changed every month for better results.

All the above-mentioned facial cleansing brushes are excellent products, considering their functions. You can choose any product from the above list and make your skin super healthy and glowing. 

Special Recommendation for you:

Deep Face CleansingSilk’n Pure is a deep cleansing facial brush that lifts away makeup traces, stress and impurities instantly. Pure helps to reduce pore size and contaminants helping the skin to absorb skin care products more effectively. Your skin will be visibly more balanced, glowing and refreshed like never before.

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