10 Accessories a True Dirt Bike Enthusiast Should Own

Everyone who rides a dirt bike should have some important safety accessories. But, they might also like to have some accessories that are just for fun. This article will help steer you toward the accessories that you need and may want to have.

Best Bike Accessories

1. Graphics

It’s more fun to ride a bike that is personalized to your style. Find some great looks at Senge Graphics. Graphics kits can be purchased and even customized to make a bike stand out. A bike with a name and logo separates it from others and makes it easy to be recognized in a race.  Sponsors also like to get their graphics on riders’ bikes.

2. Helmet

A dirt helmet is different from a regular biking helmet. They come in a variety of styles in stores or online. A dirt helmet has a peak visor on top for blocking dust, branches, and even the sun. Some dirt helmets have plastic screws on the side of the visor or an easy break-away system that allows the visor to come off easily if it gets caught in low-lying branches. This safety feature can prevent neck and head damage. 

Many dirt bike helmets also provide a lot of ventilation. Dirt bike riding is a strenuous activity, and riders get hot. Having proper airflow is essential to safe and comfortable riding. 

But most importantly, a helmet protects riders. Dirt bike riders encounter lots of different terrains, from sandy to rocky to clay. A helmet’s job is to absorb and disperse the energy from the impact. Some helmets have space inside to allow for some movement between the outer helmet and inner shell. This helps prevent brain injury if an accident were to occur.

3. Goggles

Goggles protect riders’ eyes from roosts, tree branches, and other debris while riding. They can also be tinted so that they protect the eyes from the sun and help provide a clear sight of the trail ahead. 

4.  Outriggers

Outriggers are a nice addition to any goggles. These are plastic pieces on the side of the frame that helps the goggles sit inside the helmet further. This makes them more comfortable. And speaking of comfort, having a wide band across the back of the goggles makes for a much more comfortable ride. It is recommended to choose a helmet first, and then a pair of goggles that fit well with them. 

5. Hydration Pack

Wherever riding a dirt bike, water is necessary. Traditional water bottles will work, but they can be difficult to use while riding. A hydration pack fits on your back and has a straw that attaches to the front of the pack. This allows for one-handed drinking, or even hands-free drinking while riding. 

6. Neck Brace

Some riders love these, and some riders hate them. They are designed to protect the neck and spine by reducing the amount of compression that a rider feels during a crash. They may also help with hyperextension. A neck brace should rest comfortably on your shoulders over your other gear. They are usually designed to work with very important chest guards.

7. Body Protection

Both a roost protector and a chest protector protect the upper body from debris and dirt being shot back by other riders. The roost protector provides lighter coverage. Chest protectors are more heavy-duty and protect riders from rougher terrain, such as trees, rocks, roots, and logs in the middle of the trail. Chest protectors usually have bicep and forearm armor in addition to the protection around the ribs. 

If a rider plans to wear both a neck guard and a chest protector, buying them from the same may be a good idea. Companies often make combination neck and chest guards that go together for a more comfortable and protective fit.

8. Boots

Boots are a true necessity for a dirt bike rider. Usually, the best overall boots for dirt biking are ones that allow you to ride safely and effectively. This means that they should provide flexibility, safety, durability, and comfort. Dirt riders are constantly using their legs and feet while riding, and there are many risks to them. Dirt boots are very stiff, which helps prevent torsional and lateral injuries.

Look for durable boots. They should at least have double-stitched seams. Dirt bike boots should also be safe. Look for boots that have ankle support and a decent amount of thermoplastic TPU material covering the shin. 

Buying comfortable boots is important, too. They should fit properly, and have flexibility in the ankle. Boots that are too small will be painful to wear, and boots that are too large may get caught on branches and roots as the rider is moving. 

The price of dirt bike boots can vary. Entry-level boots are pretty basic. As you move up in price, boots usually have an additional strap and a dual-hinge system on each side of the ankle, which can make the boots more comfortable. 

9. Skid Plates

If you are planning to ride a trail with rough or rocky terrain, invest in a skid plate. Even if the bike comes with a covering underneath, it is worthwhile to purchase a more complete skid plate. Rocks and debris can do a lot of damage to the underside of a bike. A good skid plate should cover as much area as possible. It is best to have side protection for the engine as well as under it. 

10. Clothing

Jerseys, pants, and gloves are the most common clothing items purchased for dirt bike riding. Again, there is quite a range of prices and brands in this category, but even entry-level clothing is durable and breathable. The more expensive lines will have fabrics with more flexibility and durability. There’s something for every rider.

Gloves are also a necessity. For bikers who ride trails, having good knuckle protection and extra padding in the palms is helpful. Motocross riders tend to choose lightweight gloves with a maximum tactile feel. MX gloves don’t give a lot of protection, but they do help prevent blisters and provide extra grip. 

Adding some, or all, of these accessories, can make your dirt bike riding experience more fun, and safer. Having a good understanding of these basics will set you up for success on the trails. 

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